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Quando la notte
Quando la notte Feltrinelli 2009

Manfred and Marina meet in a mountain lodge. She is the mother of a little boy, he is a mountain guide,a proud and taciturn man after his wife left him with their two children. Marina has rented the apartment above Manfred's to spend there a month's vacation with her son.
Manfred hears the little boy crying often, and starts observing them both,aware of Marina's growing insecurity as a mother. One night something happens in Marina's apartment. Manfred comes to rescue, takes the wounded boy to the hospital.
From that moment on the man tries to unveil the truth of a dark situation Marina has kept hidden from everybody, even from her husband. On her part, Marina guesses the family secret at the origin of Manfred's anger and hostility against her and all women.
Between the two a duel begins, as hard and primal as the mountain rocks that surround them. In the anger and desire neither of them ever felt before, Marina and Manfred discover that there is between them a powerful connection, which they cannot either control or live with.
One winter, fifteen years after that vacation, Marina comes back to the mountain lodge alone and the passion flares up once again, as a never spent fire that has been burning under the ashes of their tranquil lives.

Foreign sales: Grasset & Fasquelle (France), Piper Verlag (Germany), Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing (Israel), Can Yayinlari (Turkey), Other Press (USA).

The film Quando la notte directed by Cristina Comencini will be featured at the Venice Film Festival 2011 on September 7th.
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