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In nome della madre
In nome della madre Feltrinelli 2006

The story of Miriam, Maria, the virgin mother of Jesus, God’s son, told in first person by herself. A very simple story yet told with a prodigious force. Miriam is bethrothed to Joseph when the Angel comes and tells her she is pregnant. Miriam immediately tells Joseph what happened and he is more worried about what the Angel really said than by this unexpeced pregnacy that he accepts as a miracle. The law would have had Miriam lapidated because of adultery but Joseph defies the custom and marries Miriam as if she were still a virgin. After the marriagethe couple has to travel to Nazareth for the census ordered by the Romans.

Miriam is happy to leave her village and to give birth to her special son alone with Joseph. She talks very clearly of her fears but also of her confidence in nature.

This short book reads like tremendous poetry and is an extrordinary tribute to motherhood and the strength and dignity of all women.

Foreign sales: Gallimard (France), Companhia das Letras (Brasil), Hakibbutz Hameuchad (Israel), Ediciones Siruela (Spain), Bertrand Editora (Portugal), W.A.B. (Poland), Humanitas (Romany).

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