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L’illusione del bene
L’illusione del bene Feltrinelli 2007

In her last novel, Comencini dares to deal wih a difficult but very contemporary problem : the failure of the Communist doctrine and its ideals.Mario has been seduced and engaged by Communism since his youth. Now at 58 he is confronted with doubts and disappointments.What to make out of so many failures, so many deaths and silences ? What really happened behind the Berlin wall ? One day he meets Sonia, a young russian pianist who lives with a grandmother and a daughter. Of her mother, Irina, disappeared during the Stalin regime, Sonia will not talk. Mario wants to find out a truth that could also be terrifyng and he flies to Russia in search of Irina following the few hints of her life that he knows. Finally he finds Irina still alive and her story is a mixture of tragedy and hope. Life goes on even as dreams are shattered. A novel of great strenght and courage.
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