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Storia di Neve
Storia di Neve Mondadori 2008

Neve (Snow) is a baby girl born in the middle of very cold winter. But soon the parents realize she is very special. The baby does not feel the cold, does not like to stay by the fire and throws away the covers. She seems to have a heart of snow inside and to posses magic powers. The dog of the house when the father of Neve drowns its puppies, steels the baby from the cradle and brings her for company in the hut were she lives. The father finds out after a few hours of distress and wants to kill the dog with a shovel. But as soon as he lifts his arm he becomes a statue of ice and cannot move. He understands and stops. Neve grows and becomes a very sweet girl, she can talk to the animals and many more strange miracles and deeds happen. At a certain point the father wants to exploit Neve’s gift and make people pay to obtain something. But he does not succeed, the forces of nature are Neve’s allied. Told in a stile that mixes a powerful and vivid immagintion with the reality of everyday life among the simple people of the mountains, this novel will entice the most sophisticated reader.
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